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Re: Sad to Hear about Svetlana 6L6's!

10/15/2000 3:27 PM
Re: Sad to Hear about Svetlana 6L6's!
Yes, I can tell you're getting confused.  
NO, we are all not saying stay away from Svetlana.  
Except for a few select few on this board I've probably used as many or even more Svetlana 6L6GCS,... HUNDREDS of them, and I have not noticed any unusal repeatable pattern of bad noisey tubes.  
Sure, I've had to warrany a few that blew up in just a few days of use, and I've heard a few with mechanical ratty ringing sounds from their envelopes and occasionaly a real electro noisey or microphonic tube shows up too.  
I've also had plenty of SOVTEK tubes blow up as soon as I threw the standby switch to HI-V and Chinese 5AR4s crap out on me within a few months, way sooner then I expected! They still sound great and are a good tube.  
I've had lots of SOVTEK preamp tubes that sounded poor, weak or with crappy, poppy-snappy clicks and stopped using any of the popular "wonderfull sounding" YUGO-EI-CRAP 12AX7 tubes, that cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars before I realized you can only get 35-40 out of 100 that don't sound like S**T and of those 30-40, only 10 or 12 sound great. Big deal, buy NOS.  
You said you liked the SOVTEK 12AX7WXT+, I don't like them that much. So what? Good for me.  
I think the JJ/Tesla 12AX7 is a better, more reliable generic tube then any of them except the new SOVTEK 12AX7LPS and on any given day, a good NOS RCA 12AX7a blows them all right in the weeds.  
The SOVTEK 6L6WXTs are good tubes too but, IMO, they sound better in tweed type amps then BF Fenders, where I still think the Svetlana 6L6GCs rule in BF Fenders.  
The RUBY 6L6STR is just another Chinese tube that happens to be decent and sound good too, but, like with most Chinese tubes, do have a quality problem-issue and then there's that human rights issue.  
Before you toss Svetlana out the window, or base everything you do with tubes, you should also talk to your musician friends and a few more folks...  
or go to other websites and ask about them.  
But, don't make (close) your mind up about something like this based on what I, or 3 or 4 other people say.  
One thing is right... "now they're good, now they're bad" ... that's the way of the new world craftsman and the reason why some of us still build things in the way of old world craftsmanship.  
My sources tell me the old EI factory is still running and since Clinton/NATO has lifted the "embargo" against Yugoslavia, we'll start seeing a lot of the EI tubes again.  

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