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previous: Steve A. Morris:  ... -- 10/12/2000 7:41 AM View Thread

Re: General design questions for EL84 amps

10/12/2000 1:20 PM
Re: General design questions for EL84 amps
Steve, thanks for the circuit.  
The 12AU7 has a lower plate resistance yet than the 12AT7, (7K ish vrs 11K ish) so it's a worse match in a socket with a plate load for a 12AX7.  
The 12AU7 has a more distorted sound IMO than the 12AT7, by a perceptble amount. Maybe that accounts for the preference.  
I really like the AT for PI, but I don"t like the 12AX7 as a PI , either, so I like less (different) distortion than some.  

Morris So my question really is: -- 10/12/2000 3:26 PM