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Re: nothing like an 800!!!!!!

10/11/2000 1:45 AM
Re: nothing like an 800!!!!!!
well, it of couse depends on if it's a combo, 1x12 or 2x12, or a head. i paid $500 for my 1x12 in mint condition, but i think that was a really good deal. i think if you look long enough you can find an equally good deal. but from what i've seen i think a 1x12 combo should go for about $600-700 in good condition. but it's almost a waste of time quoting prices on this amp because from what i've seen they vary wildly compared to other marshalls. i've seen the 1x12 all the way from $300 to $1200 ! i think the reason for this is that the amp has a rep as being a collectable marshall, yet some don't seem to realize that. so consequentially you end up with extremes to both sides in pricing.  
i hope you can find a deal on one. but let me warn you that it is a tricky amp in that it may not show you it's best side till you use it live and figure out the best way to tweak it. tho it doesn't have a ton of controls, it can get a good range of sound. and it takes a while to find the right way to set it to get the "magic" to happen. and it won't happen at home. it's definatly a gigging amp, as thats the only place that it really shines, at least in my opinion.  

Carl Z I'm not sure if this has been menti... -- 10/11/2000 5:47 AM