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Re: Here it is!

10/7/2000 10:31 PM
Steve A.
Re: Here it is!
    Looks great! I was just wondering what everybody else thinks of using mini-toggle switches on the front panel... (for Ch Select, Bright and Crunch). Anybody have any problems with these switches getting broken off in transit? Or do you think that they would be protected adequately by the cabinet...?  
    Speaking of cabinets, maybe there would be an interest in a matching cabinet to build a head... (make mine black tolex... no snakeskin for me!)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. How about a matching front panel blank that we could order in case we wanted to configure or label the controls differently? Something thick enough that it could be held in place by the mounting nuts for the pots, jacks and switches...

Jeff Stapleton I used the mini toggles with the sh... -- 10/7/2000 10:40 PM