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Illegal AOL-ians?

9/26/2000 4:41 AM
Steve A.
Illegal AOL-ians?
    I don't blame you for avoiding "patches", especially since you've finally gotten your computer to operate correctly with AOL.  
    What I had in mind was a little "applet" that you would run before starting up AOL... and hopefully could be unloaded after exiting.  
    You mentioned having to go to another site to prevent time-outs... will it work if you click on a link and then click Stop, or do you have to actually load the full page on the other site?  
    There are also win macro programs (like WinMacro) which will watch for a particular dialog box to pop up and then will automatically click your desired choice. BTW with the AOL timeout notice, can you click on something to stay on-line or are you 86'd regardless of what you click on?  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I have trouble finding nested dialog boxes in Window 9x, too! Here is how to get to the timeout setting:  
Control Panel|Modems|General|Properties|Connections|Call Preferences  
    Am I the only person who thinks that these nested dialog boxes in Win9x are a pain in the butt? (I've been griping about them since I upgraded (?) from Win 3.1 which had everything in INI files where you could edit them...)  
    I just checked the Help utility for Win 98 and if you select Modems:configure they do take you right to that page. But I'm not crazy about the "browser-like" qualities of the Win98 Help (I liked the older Help where you could compile an index of all of the words in the HLP file... and add notes to any of the entries. In fact the .HLP format was used for authoring hyper-text documents before the PDF format became so popular...)

Ray Ivers Steve,Thanks for th... -- 9/26/2000 4:47 AM