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Re: Transformer ringing on cutoff

9/26/2000 2:39 AM
Re: Transformer ringing on cutoff
Thanks for the explanation, RG.  
Can you tell more?  
Do you know, can you you explain, the mechanism of how a perfect transformer doesn't have a problem with stopping current flow instantly?  
Also, why doesn't the whole winding, not just the leakage inductance, oppose a change in current flow at cut off? The leakage inductance is lost energy and so "just" a series inductor, not a part of the transformed energy. But the energy coupled through the transformer is damped by the resistance, inductance and motion of the speaker; doesn't the work consummed by the load also act to oppose the flow of current?  
Thanks again,  

KG dan, if i can answer here for rg, o... -- 9/26/2000 5:53 PM