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Re: Mesa Boogie Question

9/25/2000 4:58 AM
Re: Mesa Boogie Question
It might just be the higher output of the bridge pickup on the Les Paul.  
Do you know exactly what model number pickups are in your guitar?  
Usually the bridge is hotter, you probably know this already.  
If you have a 500T in the bridge position it is the hottest offered by Gibson. On any really high gain amp or at high volume I can usually adjust the amp so that the neck pickup is just below feedback, switching to the bridge goes out of control unless you move real far away from the speakers. If you turn down the amp until the bridge PU is just below feedback, then the neck one may not be loud enough to cut through the mix.  
It pretty well balances out if you turn down the guitar's volume on the bridge PU to about 9 and leave the neck PU at 10.  
Hope this helps,