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previous: Michael I got to check the stud thing I hav... -- 9/18/2000 1:29 PM View Thread

Re: Speakers in you Super Reverb

9/18/2000 7:07 PM
Re: Speakers in you Super Reverb
Back to you again -- I checked all 3 of my Super Reverbs they all have 8 not 4 - there is the possiblity that someone took off the speakers in your amp and snapped the end of your studs off I have this in my 1964 Super Reverb - it's easy to check just take off the speakers - otherwise I would say the baffle might have been changed at one time -- does the grill cloth look like it was changed ?? Well you might try calling Rich at Time Electronics he does vintage restorations maybe he would know if 4 studs is possible. I hope I helped  

M/J No Michael, its not the original gr... -- 9/19/2000 3:10 AM