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Re: Speakers in you Super Reverb

9/18/2000 1:29 PM
Re: Speakers in you Super Reverb
I got to check the stud thing I have 3 of them at home so I will see how many studs they have. It's funny you prefer the CTS-alnicos because I think they are superior to the jensen speakers not for every amp but for this particular model I have tried the P10r's ( reissue)also I thought these sounded better.( I might get a lot of greif for saying this - but - what can I do ?? :0) !! ) I don't know why they just fit into the sound of the amp better and they also take away the amps tendency to be a little to thick and overly bassy when you pluck the low E or A they seem to balance the amp out better. I have heard these amps with ceramic speakers sound like marshalls so they can be cool too. Well I will check the studs when I get home - it is possible that the baffle board was changed -- I will get to ya later - have a good day !!  

MICHAEL Back to you again -- I checked all ... -- 9/18/2000 7:07 PM