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Re: Sovtek 12AX7WB

9/17/2000 4:12 PM
Re: Sovtek 12AX7WB
I did not hear they were stopping production of the 12AX7WB either.
"I used to use the Ruby 7025/12AX7 silver select and it was my favorite until they quit making it."
This was (is) my favorite new tube too.  
Steve A doesn't think they're that great and uses them in different places in his amps.  
I like them best as the very first preamp tube the guitar sees or when used with NOS tubes in a higher gain amps, I like them as the driver tube too.  
When I found out they were going to close that plant a couple years ago, I ordered 100 more of them just to have them for my special projects.  
I've been offered lots more then what I paid for them back then and I've seen them on the net for as much as $29.00 each, BUT, although great tubes, they are not worth that kind of money IMO.