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Speakers in you Super Reverb

9/16/2000 7:01 PM
Speakers in you Super Reverb
Hello there,  
This is one of the hardest era's in fender's era - Leo in Fender Era. Leo had some dismay with Jensen so in the early 60's he started trying different speakers - though he did still use some Jensens. He started using Oxfords and CTS's. 137 is a CTS prefex the date 440 would be correct for a 1964 that would be the 40th week of 1964 the first 4 being the year, you can also date the pots they would use the same dating system the 137 denoting CTS the next number would be the year and the 2 digits after that would be the week of the year though you may have pots from different years this is not uncommon one might be from 63 etc.. They could well be original I have a passion for Super Reverbs I have owned 10 over the years and some had ceramic jensen or cts (though I have never seen a pre-cbs one with cts's though I have read that some of them do ) I even had one with CTS alnicos - so I would say that they might well be original. The best way to tell is to look at the solder connections have they been tampered with ? Also the studs that you mount the speakers on and the nuts - do they looked like they were touched ? Either way Fender did use CTS ceramics at this time. If you would like jensens I think the reissues are awesome I think the correct model for your amp would be the CR10's but check this my memory is not what it used to be - I have one Super with them and I have also used the PR10's in my 1959 bassman. So I hope I helped you - good luck

M/J First off, thanks Winnie and Bruce.... -- 9/17/2000 2:18 PM