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Re: BF Showman arrived today...

9/15/2000 9:44 AM
Steve A.
Re: BF Showman arrived today...
...output on 5 that doesn't even rival my 12 watt deluxe on 3.  
    You might try replacing the output tubes and then rebias the amp before deciding what to do. If the output is still very low it might have a bad OT (AKA "bad news")... will the seller refund some of your money to pay for a replacement tranny?  
    The "buzzy hum" could be bad 100 ohm resistors to ground for the filament windings (usually located right on the pilot light socket). Or it could be loose jacks (tighten them all down... especially the speaker jacks). Or just old filter caps in the power supply.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola

rmike Cool, thanks for all your replies. ... -- 9/15/2000 3:01 PM