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Re: The Route 66 is a good example.

9/14/2000 12:12 AM
RichRe: The Route 66 is a good example.
dea? fbi? where was that? I've never noticed much ov anything going on there. (niagara falls area.)  
Must be Clinton's new "guitar amp czar". Trying to bust up the latest Columbian music gear smuggling cartel.  
But seriously, folks...last Wednesday before the Labor Day holiday weekend, gasoline prices here on the Calif. central coast went up about 12 cents/gal. I'm sitting smack in the middle of one of the richest oil fields in California, but the tree huggers, State over-regulation, and this County's mitigation fees have run Unocal out of here "on a rail", and no one seems to remember that Union 76 built this town of 80,000 out of unwanted desert land with zero good the turn of the century  
Not more than 15 miles north of here in Oceano is a huge refinery, running full-tilt 7/24/365 1/4, and another five miles up the coast are the huge, multiple Avila Beach petroleum tanker-loading piers.  
Not to mention a $3,000,000,000.00 nuke power plant. Trouble is, the oil out of Avila is headed to Japan, and the PG&E Diablo Canyon Plant's electrical power will be sold to the highest bidder on the grid at the moment.  
On the other hand, the Six O' Clock national evening news can be counted on to suss up a nice juicy helping of Warm Fuzzy, as a routine for the Sheeple.  
Love it or leave it? From what I read here, better not "head for the border, either!