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Re: The Route 66 is a good example.

9/13/2000 12:04 AM
Re: The Route 66 is a good example.
Ronnie didn't knock the wall down.. You're joking, yes? ;)  
..that was in place for decades.. only a matter of time. We should probably thank the Nixon team for that one, seeing as how it was they who did more for opening up relations w/China & the former USSR which allowed that ever-so-dangerous flow of ideas.. let the Russians see us running around in Levi's driving 'vettes and smoking Marlboros. Want of a better life is the most potent weapon of all. (IMHO) Sooner or later, the people were going to make their voices heard about how they wanted to live. I'm just glad they didn't get run over by tanks when the day came. (well, it was smoother than in China anyhow)  
ps: my Russian prof still beleives that Zhirinovky was a creation of Yeltsin to build support for himself in the west... ("help me stay in control or God knows what HE'LL do!!" ;)

Peter S Speed, Of course Ronnie di... -- 9/13/2000 3:11 AM