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Re: 1970 Marshall Super Trem

9/9/2000 4:41 PM
Re: 1970 Marshall Super Trem
" It came with GE 6CA7's, sounds pretty good, I'm thinking about putting a quad of Siemens in it. Any opinions are welcome."
Are the GE 6ca7's made in England or Made in USA? if they are made in USA, are they in a bigger glass bottle, similar to a 6l6? if so, they are Sylvana 6ca7's (Eddie Van Halen's favorite), if they are made in england, well, you know ;) As far as I know, GE never made a 6ca7, they only OEM'd them. The siemens will compress more, but the GE's if they are the sylvania type, will be a fun tube, like a big honkin 6v6- real round and sparkly when you roll off the gain, like a 6l6/6v6, then when you push them they compress a bit, but retain just a little sparkle,unlike most el34, where the sparkle soon fades. And if they are made in England, I'd play them untill they were dead, since I dont think any el34 can soudn as good as a Mullard, but that is just my opinion, of course!

Ethan W. Hi Rebel, they're USA made big bott... -- 9/9/2000 9:28 PM