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Tboy - What Happened to the Amp Discussion?

9/7/2000 2:12 AM
Tboy - What Happened to the Amp Discussion?
There is an exceedingly long thread regarding the demise of Matchless amps, most of which has very little to do with amp discussion.  
I can read an editorial page if I want opposing views on Canada vs USA vs Whoever, but I come to this board to read about amplifiers. That means discusssion about tone, mods, parts, tricks, homebuilt stuff, and all the great posts that go along with that.  
Personally, I don't want this to become an arena for political spouting off. If that happens, flame wars will soon follow.  
Am I the only one here who has heard the "golden rules" of conversation with family (like Ampage):  
1. You don't discuss religion.  
2. You don't discuss politics.  
Nobody is changing anyone's mind, and I imagine most of us are bored by the threads. I know I am.  
Let's get back to the amps ...  

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