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Re: Powerbrake after all....

8/25/2000 8:26 AM
anonymousRe: Powerbrake after all....
>P.S. Maybe somebody can explain what this means... >Like for the Marshall 4-12 cab, how does the peak >in impedance around 100hz affect the sound? As the >impedance goes up to ~32 ohms, would that make the >speaker less efficient at those frequencies? >Thanks!  
No, if your amp has only a small amount of neg.  
feedback, the speaker puts out more sonic power,  
since the amp can put out more. This peak  
is the resonance frequency of the speakers  
+ cabinet - the frequency at which the speaker's  
cone can be moved back and forth most easily.

Steve A. Anon:  &n... -- 8/26/2000 1:55 AM