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6SL7 Vs. 6SN7

8/23/2000 10:29 PM
Chris B
6SL7 Vs. 6SN7
The 6SL7's amplification factor is 70, according to the 1959 RCA tube manual that I have. The 6SN7's amp. factor is 20, so what is the differance in signal strength in the same circuit? Is it possible to use a 6SN7 as a phase inverter and get the same power output as the 6SL7? Wouldn't the sound be cleaner, or is it possible to get the same gain as the 6SL7? I have two NOS Tung-Sol 6SN7-GTBs and would like to use them in my next project. I plan to use two 6V6s push-pull and a 5Y3 rectifier with a 350V Princeton replacement transformer.  
Chris B

Doc The 6SL7 will have a higher signal ... -- 8/24/2000 8:53 PM