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Re: AIMS amp

8/17/2000 5:16 PM
Re: AIMS amp
Don't know about the Eclipsor, for sure. I've seen a couple of different AIMS amps around here for $100 for a 100w head to $175 for a 100W 2-12 combo...which may have been the Eclipsor. I think they were made in AZ. in the...70's? They DO look funky. Does yours have the big black knobs on a big faceplate? I remember they had pretty good size transformers. I think with a little work, they looked like they could be made into funky-looking, decent sounding amps. I think they are probably somewhere in between treasure and crap. Nobody's gonna beat your door down to get you to sell them one, but I would think they would be at least as good (and maybe better...who knows) as some of the mass-market bland stuff selling since they were made. The potential may be there for some minor mods to make it useable, if not unique. I DO know they are loud!