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Re: Consensus?

8/17/2000 4:40 PM
Re: Consensus?
While I can't prove that speaker distortion is crucial to good tone (and I don't think it is), I think I can give an example (with some technical basis) that it can sound good.  
I've got a cheap, small, ss washburn practice amp. If I connect its speaker to a hi-fi amp, the sound is heavily distorted even at very low output levels (besides the lack of highs). If I plug the Washburn into any of my other (bigger) cabinets (that don't sound distorted with th hi-fi amp) its sound is entirely different (altough it can be just different frequency responses). The Washburn sounds much better with his own small, distorting, speaker.  
Also, I can give you some distortion curves for a couple of speakers taken at different power levels. All the curves I've seen show the distortion skyrocket as the power increases, specialy at low freqs. ALL speakers distort a lot, some just distort even more...

Stephen Conner I measured speaker distortion with ... -- 8/18/2000 4:13 PM