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Re: My bass amp keeps cutting out!!!

8/15/2000 3:39 PM
Re: My bass amp keeps cutting out!!!
All of these suggestions are good, but I'm a step ahead. I have replaced all wiring (including the cable from the bass to the head). I have, in fact, replaced every single part of my rig - speaker, wiring, head, bass, and all. So I know it's not the cabinet, the wiring, etc. My only thought at this point is that I must own 2 heads with the exact same problem...?  
Anyway, the clicking seems to be coming from the head, not the speaker. If it is some sort of thermal protection thing, what can I do about it? My next step, in case you are about to suggest this, is to try keeping a fan pointed at the back of the amp and see if that helps.  
Could it be that 350 watts just isn't enough? It seems ludicrous, but...  
Keep me posted with your ideas, and thanks so much for considering this with me.  

timv Are you always playing at the same ... -- 8/15/2000 3:49 PM