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My bass amp keeps cutting out!!!

8/14/2000 7:04 PM
My bass amp keeps cutting out!!!
I have had this problem for a while, and no one seems to know anything about it. I have now called Ampeg and Samson (makers of Hartke) and asked this same question to both: neither can offer any suggestions.  
The deal is: I own 2 heads - one Hartke and one Ampeg. Both keep cutting the signal to the speaker. I have replaced the speaker, the wiring, the bass, and the power cord...none of which stopped the problem. So: I have now replaced every part of my setup, and I still have the same problem. It happens in various locations, so it's not the power source, either.  
When it happens, I'll be playing at a normal volume and something will click inside the amp and all sound will cease. If I unplug my bass and touch the end of the cord, it doesn't hum. Then, a few minutes later, the amp clicks again and bing! I've got sound again. This happens on both amps.  
What could it be? Overheating? Clipping? Impedence mismatch? None of the technical personnel I have talked to seem to agree with any of these ideas. And still no one knows what I can do.  
HELP!!!! I am at a total loss.  

Doc I wonder if your speaker has a part... -- 8/14/2000 7:25 PM
Bob P Could be a broken or loose solder j... -- 8/14/2000 10:10 PM
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Greg All of these suggestions are good, ... -- 8/15/2000 3:39 PM