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Re: HELP: DR has reverb on normal channel

8/14/2000 12:12 AM
Bob P
Re: HELP: DR has reverb on normal channel
Thanks everybody.  
Here's the latest. Even though the Sprague bypass cap was brand new, I pulled it out and checked was defective. It tested good in the circuit and on the bench but the plus side lead was broken inside the cap (I could spin it around). Changing it with another one cured the problem so I reconnected the cathodes and promptly got a working, non-reverb normal channel and a vibrato channel with a squealing parasitic when the amp was turned up. That turned out to be bad input jacks. You gotta love it!  
Everything is working fine now and I am very glad to have met you folks. I would not have figured this one out.  
Thanks again.  
PS: Maybe you guys could help with another amp. This one is an Ampeg Gemini I that loses gain when the intensity is turned up. I'll post that question seperately.  
Bob P

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