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Re: HELP: DR has reverb on normal channel

8/13/2000 3:54 PM
Bob P
Re: HELP: DR has reverb on normal channel
    Thanks Richie and Steve. It was the common cathode connection between V1B and V2B. I split them up by giving each its own 25/25 cap and 1k5 resistor. I triple checked every connection for correctness, solder blobs, etc. Everything is OK. Sure enough if I reconnect the cathodes the reverb returns, if I split it, it clears up. Go figure!  
    Any ideas on how this might occur? Have either of you ever see anything like this or any problems that were cured by splitting them up?  
Thanks again...I can sleep tonight.  
Bob P.

Steve A. Bob: -- 8/13/2000 6:16 PM
Even though it's a good thing to do... -- 8/13/2000 8:42 PM