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Re: Traynor Imp. and Ext. Speaker

8/6/2000 1:57 PM
Randy Jamz
Re: Traynor Imp. and Ext. Speaker
Pete Traynor 'borrowed' many Fender designs, mistakes and all. Think about a Super Reverb. It too has an external speaker jack. Should you run the amplifier at 1-ohm? Of course not. What happens is that many manufacturers gets a 'universal' chassis punced out, and use the same chassis for many different amplifiers. How many Bassman heads have I seen with two extra 1" holes punced out for a Showman amplifier w/4X6L6? Many.  
Traynors usually used Hammond transformers that can take a sh*tkicking and not even blink. So only in this instance would I say you probably won't hurt anything. Light-duty transformers are another story. Put the amplifier into a dummy load, and using your 'scope and a DMM determine the output at 2/4/8-ohms. Don't be be surprised if the output is pretty well the same. That's those Hammonds for you!

Brad Thanks for the responses. I think h... -- 8/7/2000 12:13 AM