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Re: Fischer master volume type 3

8/5/2000 2:09 PM
Randy Jamz
Re: Fischer master volume type 3
No, the bias won't be effected. The impedance of the bias circuit is high enough that the 100K potentiometer won't offer much of a divider circuit. I've used this Master setup for over 10 years and had no trouble so far. It does require the added expense of a dual ganged potentiometer, as opposed to the single 1Meg pot Matchless use. The Matchless one works, I suppose, but the frequency response over the whole rotation is not very nice.

Trace I agree with Randy. I've never had ... -- 8/5/2000 3:22 PM
SteveG I wonder why he chose 100k instead ... -- 8/5/2000 3:57 PM