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Re: BF Bandmaster Mods....

7/23/2000 12:44 PM
Randy Jamz
Re: BF Bandmaster Mods....
The simplest of 'mods' would require changing one resistor and one potentiometer. The 3.3M//10pF capacitor can be reduced to 2.2M//22pF. You'll get a hair less Reverb but a nice little 'boost' in the Vibrato channel volume. About the Vibrato 'fix'; it seems I am the only person who thought of changing the potentiometer! Right now it's a 50K-RA taper. I've gone as high as 250K-Linear and it works fine. Any increase is an 'improvement'. You could also change the pot to a type that has a SPST switch on the back and switch the ground connection of the pot in/out. This would require moving the tremolo on/off point over to the Intensity pot, but any of this is as easy, if not easier than rewiring the tremolo to a grid-modulation type (although you WOULD have 1/2 of a 12AX7 to 'play with'). I like the grid-modulating type better, but the choice is up to you.  

Danny i've already done the mod... but th... -- 7/23/2000 7:23 PM