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AC30 Comparisons - Please

7/17/2000 6:48 PM
AC30 Comparisons - Please
Thank you Guys for all the "light shedding" on the AC 30  
subject. I am wondering the following:  
1.) If the Carvin BelAir is a good approximation to the AC30??? I don't want to spend any more than I have to for that sound, but I will do what I gotta do in order not to be disappointed anymore.  
2.)How does the Peavey Vintage 30 compare to the AC30?  
3.)It has been mentioned a couple of times that even the best AC30 needs some mods to be the "best it can be". Is there anyone here who I could purchase and ship the new AC30 to for those mods if I don't like it "out-of-the-box", and if so how much?  
4.) Also, it was mentioned to have an AC30 kit built. How do I find that kit. I would entertain that idea, as well. I'm much more of a "tone freak" than "I got a _______" (fill in the brand name) I perform a lot and tone with dependability & roadworthiness are much more important to me than  
brand names & logos because my sound "IS" my signature!  
Thanks in advance for any-all additional comments!  
Keep 'em commin!  

Brian If you think you can build the amp ... -- 7/17/2000 10:23 PM
Rob Actually, I paid $1100 for my used ... -- 7/18/2000 8:39 AM