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Re: VOX AC30 Question(s)

7/12/2000 4:25 PM
Ray FRe: VOX AC30 Question(s)
Back on the topic. I attended the Voxfest 2000 in Riverside CA in June. A great time for Voxaholics. One of the events was an AC30 shootout. Jim Elyea had the audience do a blindfold test on seven AC30's from 1960, 1962, '63, '64 '65, et al. The winner was a top boosted AC30 from 1963, but to everyone's surprise the runner up was a brand new , just out of the box AC30 reissue from Korg. It surprised a very sophisticated audience. As an owner of a 1963 AC30 w TB I can tell you it is awesome.

Lee Thank you Guys for all the "light s... -- 7/13/2000 5:00 PM