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-- 7/12/2000 2:27 AM
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Re: Warming up Reverberocket RI-correction

7/12/2000 5:49 AM
Peter S
Re: Warming up Reverberocket RI-correction
Your're technically correct that the Ampegs are not simply Crates in disguise, I've repaired enough of both brands to know that trying to differentiate between them amounts to splitting hairs though. I was simply trying to point out that the Ampeg "reissues are not really reissues at all, but rather modern amps in Ampeg clothing. The comparison could have been to Peaveys or a number of other amps on the Market. Even the Fender and Marshall reissues although built basically the same way as the Crates and the so called "Ampeg Reissues" at least attempt to give you the same type of amp sound and feel as the amps that they are reissues of.  
Peter S

bill m. hi peter.
i appreciate your po...
-- 7/12/2000 7:02 AM