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previous: bill m. let me hop in here briefly....
-- 7/12/2000 2:27 AM
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Re: Warming up Reverberocket RI-correction

7/12/2000 4:07 AM
Dave M
Re: Warming up Reverberocket RI-correction
Thanks for clearing that up Bill. I do own the book by the way and I love it. The vintage ampegs are my favorite sounding amps and they look nice too!  
I myself own a B15 portaflex reissue which DOES  
sound a lot like the originals(I'm sure a lot of which is due to the fact that Jess Oliver himself worked on the reissue). I'd recommend the reissues to any bass player out there looking for that authentic tone. I also play a new Ampeg AUB-2 horizontal bass made by Bruce Johnston which was definitely worth every penny.  
Dave M

bill m. ah, dave. you have the gear for to... -- 7/12/2000 5:21 AM