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Re: Warming up a Reverberocket reissue

7/11/2000 10:33 PM
Re: Warming up a Reverberocket reissue
A 4 x 12 can definitely get expensive if you don't get it right the first time. I recently tried out a Celestion V12-80, which is known for Bass response, and my amp sounded like a swarm of bees...buzzzzzzzzzzz", no warmth at all. I changed to the V12-60 and the amp all of the sudden sounds great, so now I am left with a new speaker I don't really have a use for, so it can get pricey...  
I was thinking about the "warming up" problem, and I thought of something else. I am not really educated about amp internals. I can do some things, but most things I read here are above my head....But..that being said, I have heard about adding a low pass filter somewhere in the signal chain, directly before the power amp I believe. This would remove some of the high end "buzz" and may help to warm up the tone as well, again..if you consider this, post a question about it here and I'm sure there are plenty of people on here that know exactly what to do.  

bill m. Re: Warming up Reverberocket RI-correction -- 7/12/2000 2:27 AM