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previous: Dave M Yeah, his amp is a reissue. He's an... -- 7/10/2000 1:57 AM View Thread

Re: Warming up a Reverberocket reissue

7/10/2000 8:50 PM
Peter S
Re: Warming up a Reverberocket reissue
ooops, guess I didnt read that carefully enough. The reissue Ampegs are a completely different story. They are actually Crate amps with Ampeg cosmetics. I would try selecting different tubes and maybe you can get a sweeter tone. Also try adjusting the bias. Htis amp will never sound anything like an Ampeg though, because it Ampeg in name only. SLM (Crate) bought the Ampeg name, but they are not building Ampegs the way Ampeg or Magnovox built them, they are a whole different amp.  
Peter S

Dave M Do you have any suggestions on whic... -- 7/10/2000 10:23 PM