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Re: mods to the Fender AB763?

7/10/2000 3:22 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: mods to the Fender AB763?
What are those blue coupling caps...?  
    I was wondering about that myself when I posted the picture... ;)     They are Type 418P's and somewhere in the process of scanning the Polaroids the color must have shifted...  
    After rewiring two SF bassman eyelet boards and then punching my own out of "fishpaper" gasket material, I think that you can get much better lead dress and component layout by making your own boards. So it's probably best to just yank out the old board and pots and stash them away— you might run across a butchered-up bassman head later and could just graft in the old board and pots to make it stock...  
Steve Ahola