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Re: Warming up a Reverberocket reissue

7/10/2000 1:57 AM
Dave M
Re: Warming up a Reverberocket reissue
Yeah, his amp is a reissue. He's an ampeg head with a '65 Gemini, a '61 B12X and a '63B12XY so he though he was getting something that would sound as sweet as those but ended up with something that sounds like a modern day Marhall in a blue tolex box.  
I have a B15 reissue that sounds nice so when he heard that he figured he'd try the RR but was disappointed when he tried his Harmony Rocket guitar through it. It has the stock sovtek 12ax7's and GT EL34's which I guess are original. It has tone that is unbecoming for someone who is into vintage ampeg tone so I told him maybe some lower gain triodes would help it out.  
It's kind of funny though, I have an uncle that plays harp in a blues band. He plays through a RR reissue combo amp with a single 12 and gets nice vintage Chicago blues tones out of it.  
Dave M

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