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Re: mods to the Fender AB763?

7/8/2000 5:29 PM
Steve Ahola
Re: mods to the Fender AB763?
... a squiggly retarded mess wiring mod...  
    I was just wondering if you have looked at the drawings? The only change to the eyelet board would be with the tone caps; as for the tone stack, carefully desolder the original tone stack, volume control and bright switch and save them in a baggie. If you really wanted to add the mid control you could pull out the original input jacks and use the #2 jack for the volume control. I would recommend using push-pull pots to add in some of the switches (definitely the rock/jazz and mid boost; without the OD stages the P.A.Boost and Deep switches are optional). All of this is reversible if you wanted to restore the amp to the original circuit later. I have good reason to believe that H.A.D. did mods very similar to this for some of his customers  
    Now if someone were to try to add in the two OD stages I'd agree with you completely about it being a "squiggly mess wiring mod"... :D  
    Here is a link to the drawings:  
    As for a "squiggly mess wiring mod" here is a pic of the SF bassman head I converted into an ODS (*NOT* recommended for a valuable collectable amp!):  
" target="_blank">">  
    Thanks for your post!  
Steve Ahola

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