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Re: Which Speakers for '63 Vibroverb Reissue?

6/27/2000 3:01 AM
Re: Which Speakers for '63 Vibroverb Reissue?
Depending on what "tone" you are going for...  
The WeberVST C10N is a great speaker!  
If you like the AlNiCo sound better, then it is hard to go wrong with the WeberVST P10R.  
To my ears, those might be the best sounding 10" speakers on the market right now!!  
The next speaker manufacturer in line would be the reissue Jensens.  
I like the newest version (built after 1-99) of the Jensen P10R.  
The C10Q is a pretty darn good sounding inexpensive speaker, albeit a bit bright, but you can revoice the amp slightly to avoid the higher harsh tones if you want.  
Next would be the ceramic magnet Eminence Legend 105....10CS type speaker.  
My gut tells me it is really the old MOJO M10RR but they are no longer made exclusivly for MOJO.  
Have to ask Andy Turner if that is true, but that's my feeling.  

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