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Re: Another OEI Transformer/1987X Experience

6/21/2000 9:42 PM
Ken McGIll
Re: Another OEI Transformer/1987X Experience
Hi Dave - I am using a Marshall VS412 cab that  
has 4 12" G12L35's in it. Its a slant cab like  
the 1960A only about 5-10% smaller.The small box  
head fits on it perfectly giving the illusion of 100w head on a full size cab.I was a little skeptical about how this cab would sound at first  
with all the negative connotations of "valvestate"  
but you know what,I think it sounds really good.  
It has a good tonal range from bottom to top.  
Another benefit I like is its a lot easier to  
handle for this 45 year old back.Plus it was very  
inexpensive.I have owned a Super bass 100 years ago  
and remember loving the tone of that amp when I could push it,(wish Andy would have had hotplates then)so I am quite pleased with the way this 50 watter sounds now.The only other changes to the amp  
is a 100pf cap on the bright volume pot.I had originally taken off the .005 and wanted Rick to put  
100 pf on while he had it opened up to try it and I think I'll keep it on. It seems to balance nicely  
at the lower volume settings at around 4-6.