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Another OEI Transformer/1987X Experience

6/18/2000 4:35 PM
Ken McGIll
Another OEI Transformer/1987X Experience
Greetings All - For those who may be considering,  
I just had an OEI transformer installed in by 1987XW  
by Rick Erickson of Erickson Audio. I have to say  
as others that this is very worthwhile mod.I didnt  
really have a problem with the way the amp sounded  
in the first place and as a matter of fact Rick  
mentioned he fired it up before the operation and  
thought it sounded good as it was. Well lets just  
say we wouldnt have known what we missed.First thing  
we noticed with the new xformer was the amp had more punch.Then came the great feeling of the bottom  
end holding its own along with other sustained tones.Its difficult to describe what I hear but this thing is a different animal well to my liking.  
Kudos to Obsolete. Thanks for creating a very worthwhile component that helps to inspire us.  
Also thanks to Rick Erickson for doing the install.  
Very knowledgeable,professional and fun to chat with.In case there are other users out there in the Seattle area I beleve he bought 2 xformers from  
OEI. :-)  
And of course thanks to those on this board a few weeks back who posted their feelings on this product  
which convinced me to do this mod in the first place.Now, I wonder if I should post this on the  
"other" BBS :-?  
Ken, Another Happy Customer

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