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Re: audio or linear (pots)

6/15/2000 11:58 PM
Re: audio or linear (pots)
Pots are a real pain in the ass. They're overpriced, noisy and hard to find. And how bout those stepped attenuators? 100 bux for two dollars worth of fixed resistors on a little pcb with a knob sticking off.  
I need to figure out a way to make my own. The stepped attenuator board is pretty easy, but the mechanics of the 24 poaition rotary knob are beyond homebrew. Who has ideas? What about a slider? Horizontal row of reisitors providing appropriate attenuation and one simple moving part to select the right pair. Someone please startup a factory in your basement building these. Goldpoint sells them for 63-100 bux each. I'd pay 10 bucks.  
stepped attenuator schem  
-Carl Gigun