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Re: Expected signal voltage levels?(Long winded response)

6/9/2000 7:25 PM
Peter Michaux
Re: Expected signal voltage levels?(Long winded response)
Hi Carl,  
Thanks for the input. It helps a lot.  
>You'll also want to have your equalization after  
>all the preamp distortion. Mesa did this with  
>their graphic eq but screwed up the implementation.  
How did they screw up?  
>If you're shooting for clean tones use as few  
>stages as possible in front of the power amp.  
>Figure on having one stage for amplification and a  
>second stage for tone stack recovery and you'll  
>have a VERY clean amp.  
By "tone stack" do you mean the filter circuit with the bass and treble pots?  
>P.S. Your gain calculations may be a litte off.  
>You can't have gain at 0 Hz! Think about it for a  
>few minutes.  
The portion of the onboard preamp I was looking at(just a op-amp follower and a frequency dependant inverting op-amp) doesn't have a capacitor to block dc input. So I figured that if a dc signal came along it would be amplified. I now see however that there there is actually a capacitor in front of the onboard preamp and that no dc component would ever make it to the preamp section. Does this sound better?  
Thanks again,  

jason q{By "tone stack" do you mean the f... -- 6/10/2000 4:05 AM