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Re: Question about a Crate VC5115 bias adjustment

5/25/2000 8:08 PM
Steve Slick
Re: Question about a Crate VC5115 bias adjustment
Yeah, it's Marleyman's (Dreadlocks, M-man?) amp. No I don't have a schematic. But if it is cathode bias, it can still be biased, just in a different way. No?  
I'm not familiar with the amp, but I'm looking at it from a theoretical standpoint. How could you hava an amp that could not be biased. Unless Ohm's law is suspended for some reason.  
Hey, truth is stranger than fiction. It could happen... maybe.  
Steve Slick

Ray Ivers Steve,Sorry - I got... -- 5/25/2000 9:50 PM