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Re: Got my Electar 30!

5/25/2000 3:48 PM
Mike D.
Re: Got my Electar 30!
"So with the 336vac from the PT (no load) and a FWB it works out to about 350vdc?"
Correct, However I put 100R series resistance between the trannie and diode bridge (2 resistors total).  
"The power supply uses a 500ohm/5 watt resistor between the plates and the screens and there are no screen grid resistors."
I used 1k/5w between plates and screen and I used 1k/5w screen resistors.  
"For cathode bias there is a 130ohm/5 watt resistor bypassed with a 47uF/50v cap."
I used a 22uf bypass cap  
"The grid resistors are 47k and it looks like the "bias" resistors going to ground are 470k (Peavey uses 220k resistors)"
I used 1.5k and 240k.  
Mike D.

Steve Ahola Mike: -- 5/26/2000 3:53 AM