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Re: Dynaco MKIII as a Guitar Amp?

5/17/2000 11:04 AM
Uncle Ned
Re: Dynaco MKIII as a Guitar Amp?
>One of my two Dynaco MKIII's just vented its  
>filtercaps and fried the output transformer.  
You *sure* it toasted the output transformer?  
Better double check this. Very unusual to blow  
both at once, or to blow the OPT at all.  
>still have one good one (needing a cap job) and >was wondering if anyone has ever used a Dynaco (WITH PREAMP) as a guitar amp.  
You partly answered your own question, basically,  
a 60W Sunn *is* a Dynaco Mk3 with a preamp.  
No coincidence.  
The front panel socket on a Mk3 is wired for and  
supplies enough current for a Dyna PAM-1 or  
Heath WA-P2 mono preamp, which you ought to be  
able to pick up for dirt money. Pop out the  
"mic" input and stick in a 1/4 jack,or use a 1/4  
to RCA adapter, you'll have gain out the wazoo,  
maybe *too* much.