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Re: Wreckspress

5/17/2000 3:30 AM
Steve A.
Re: Wreckspress
    Did you catch the "I Talked with Ken Fischer this morning" thread from last fall? That was one of the longest threads I've seen here...  
    In any case, one point that kept coming up was that KF really knew how to fine-tune a circuit. Once you have sketched out the basic circuit your next step is to "tweak" it for your particular hardware. The 95%/5% thing...  
    I believe that KF just plopped his tranny into the Callahan without adjusting other values... just to see what difference it would make. (If he had made extensive revisions it wouldn't be much of a test- right?)  
    I suspect that KF would end up with pretty good results regardless of the hardware that he started out with... Not that he is some "god-like figure" but that the fine-tune tweaks seem to be one of his strong suits.  
    The conclusion here is that anything that KF built probably sounds better than anything that Callaham built...  
Steve Ahola

Trace q{Not that he is some "god-like fig... -- 5/18/2000 5:35 PM