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Re: Old Spring Reverb Transducers/Info,help needed

5/15/2000 5:19 PM
Re: Old Spring Reverb Transducers/Info,help needed
Thanks Doc  
I think tou're the first person to understand was I was trying to describe.  
The units are not in pristine condition but are in good and very good condition.  
They have been beatup a bit and collecting dust for years.The main reason for this was because of the Xducer thing.  
How about if I try and use a Piezo transducer fronm a sonalert type buzzer?  
Radio Shack sells many types of these in various sizes. I even built a cheap , yet good sounding pickup for my acoustic using a piezo from RS.  
The plans came from an article in Electronic Musician several years ago.  
I'm going to persue this route and see if I can create a substitute for this failed part.  
I'll let all know how it turns out.  
It will probably be a couple of weeks by the time i get around to it, But I'll post the results.  
Doc do you have any info on old Dano Amps.  
I have one of those too.  
It Has been fooled with a bit, some drill holes in the amp front.Th e cabinet is really beat up and made of mostly masonite type material.  
The grille cloth is shot to hell as well.The reverb tank is missing on this amp also.  
I am fixing this up as well and could use any info possible. I don't have the model number off hand but I will post it later. I will also try to draw  
up a schematic for the amp as I go along. It's not built like a Fender, it uses a buch of Terminal strips to mount the components.  
I did draw up a schematic for the Dano Reverb unit however.  
I will scan it and post it on the Web in the near future.  
Once again thanks Doc for the explanation of that xducer part.  

Doc Over on the Guitar Tech bbs there's... -- 5/17/2000 1:40 PM