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Re: Valco Amps

5/13/2000 12:43 PM
Re: Valco Amps
That's interesting...didn't know that. I think old funky tube amps are great. Personally, I like to have them as close as possible to the original as can be. Each has their own character, and might be just the one you need to fit into something. As far as making something into something else, I'd rather just wait and find the something else, or if I knew more about building amps, just make a clone. (I think that no two amps sound exactly alike anyway...even two successive ones off the production line). Sounds like a nice little project you have going there. I'm awaiting the schematics for the '53 Gibson GA40 I picked up a couple weeks ago. Gibson was next day with my second request, and is shipping by mail free. (If anyone needs one...I'll have it for you).  
I'm gonna try and get it back as close as possible cap and tweak-wise, except for maybe goosing the rectifier a bit, on Bruce's suggestion. It's pretty anemic now, but should be a cool little amp when finished.  
Good luck, and have fun.  

Daver Brad,If that schematic matc... -- 5/13/2000 3:20 PM