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Crate Schematic and speaker questions

5/7/2000 3:44 PM
Phil Saunders
Crate Schematic and speaker questions
Just bought a used Crate VC-2112RB amp. It's a Class A, 3 12AX7, 2 EL84 job.  
I was looking for a cheap, Voxy sound--this amp seems to have that, especially if you dime the level and use the gain knob sparingly.  
1) Does anyone have a schematic or know where I can get one?  
2) Recommended replacement speakers for maximum chime--I was thinking about a Weber P12B (or possibly the ceramic C12B).  
3) It uses a 16 Ohm speaker. If I replaced it with an 8 ohm model, would this cause problems? What impedance does the Vox AC-15 reissue use?  
Thanks for any help!

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