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Re: Two amps - one speaker?

4/30/2000 9:10 PM
Chris Winsemius
Re: Two amps - one speaker?
Steve Slick :  
"I guess I'm intrigued by the whole idea too. My dream is to have 2,3... n amps. No, 2-3 preamps, 3 or more power amps, all dynamically configurable in real time as to gain stages, tube types, tube brands, fix bias or cathode, and and at least 3 cabinets: closed and open, 4-10s, 2-12s and 1-15, Celestion, Eminence, Jensen, Webers. Now, how to narrow it down to a few affordable specific configs?  
But don't take my advice. Try it. I'm so cheap and conservative, well... I'm sort of an electronic voyeur."  
sounds very nice !  
for Jim and Ray :  
maybe a "se-Mesa Boogie SimulClass"-style design ?  
Have a good time !