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Re: Phase and Polarity

4/24/2000 10:01 PM
Re: Phase and Polarity
ok, i tried the phase test. i sent a mono track from my 4 track out to both amps. i turned one amp up and then turned the other up and down listening for cancelations. i tried it the way i use the amp, with the signal going to the front of the marshal and the return of the pv. then i tried it into the return of both amps, then to the front of both, well, you get the picture. anyway, i didn't hear any phasing sound as i turned them up and down, nor any cancelation of the low end. however, the speakers are nite and day---an EV12L in one, and a stock 50 watt pv/eminence[?] in the other. wouldn't that account for lack of phase cancellation since each speaker has peaks and valleys at different frequencies?  

Ray Ivers Dale,I read your fi... -- 4/24/2000 10:42 PM